Monday, July 25, 2011

House Hunting...Avery's requirements

I was getting ready to call the realtor this morning to begin the process of looking at houses, so I was making a list of what we were looking for. Avery was sitting at the table with me, so I decided to ask for her input.

Me, "Avery, what kinds of things should our new house have?"
Avery thought for a minute then her face lit up and she said "A swimmin cool!"
I wrote that on the list. "What else?"
"Playrooms!" she exclaimed, almost jumping out of her seat.
"Oh yes, we definitely need that" I said. "Should our new house have a backyard?"
"Yeah, with grass and birds! And playrooms"
"Is there anything else our new house should have?"
"A living room with a TV, and playrooms" then she thought for a minute..."and HAIR BOWS!"
Smiling, I wrote down all of her requests for the new house. I hope this realtor is up for the challenge of finding a house to please Avery!

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