Saturday, July 30, 2011

bottle caps, bottle caps, bottle caps!

I recently learned how to make those adorable bottle caps that you see on necklaces and hair bows!
I'm so excited...but I have yet another new obsession!
Check out some of the things I've made!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just call me...The Jewelry Lady!

A couple of months ago I decided I would join the Premier Designs Jewelry team. I wanted to wait until August though, because I thought I would be "less" busy (haha). Well today it became official! I got a call from my "mom" or upline and she got me all set up in the computer so I can start placing orders.
Well, right after I talked to her there was a knock at the was UPS with my Jeweler Starter Kit! Perfect timing, right?
I'm so excited to do my first show and start this new business! I just hope more than 1 person shows up =)

Monday, July 25, 2011

House Hunting...Avery's requirements

I was getting ready to call the realtor this morning to begin the process of looking at houses, so I was making a list of what we were looking for. Avery was sitting at the table with me, so I decided to ask for her input.

Me, "Avery, what kinds of things should our new house have?"
Avery thought for a minute then her face lit up and she said "A swimmin cool!"
I wrote that on the list. "What else?"
"Playrooms!" she exclaimed, almost jumping out of her seat.
"Oh yes, we definitely need that" I said. "Should our new house have a backyard?"
"Yeah, with grass and birds! And playrooms"
"Is there anything else our new house should have?"
"A living room with a TV, and playrooms" then she thought for a minute..."and HAIR BOWS!"
Smiling, I wrote down all of her requests for the new house. I hope this realtor is up for the challenge of finding a house to please Avery!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too many irons in the fire?

My mom used to always tell me "I think you have too many irons in the fire". Recently I keep hearing that in my head over and over. Sure I'm busy...thats usually how I like it, but am I too busy?
I have three amazing kids (all three and younger) that keeps me pretty busy.
I work 2 part-time jobs. I'm a book keeper at the Sr. Center and I go in and abstract at the Court House a few hours a week.
I decided to start selling Premier Jewelry.
I started my own hair bow/ hair clip business.
I'm in charge in of running a grant for an after school program.

Wow, when I spell it all out like that I do look pretty busy!

On top of all this, my husband just got a promotion and we found out we will be moving within the next month or so!

Yikes...I shouldn't even be here typing this, I should be making bows, or cleaning house, or cooking, or packing!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First International Order!

I've really been working on trying to grow my hair bow business lately.  Some days I feel more successful than others...
Yesterday I shipped my very first international order!  Etsy has been a great way for me to be able to sell my bows and clips from home.  It's amazing that people from all over the world can look at my work!
I've recently joined a few teams on Etsy to help me stay motivated and get my name out there.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!
Last night I stayed up until almost midnight making bows and I didn't even realize it.  I love doing this and I really hope that as my name gets out there and people find out about me, my business will continue to grow.
If you haven't checked out my Etsy shop or my facebook page please do!  Oh, and share them with your friends as well ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh the Joys of Parenthood

Today has just been one of those days...I feel like I have completely lost control of my house!  I had to take a phone call this morning (my first mistake) and the kids saw this as their opportunity to destroy the house.  Mom won't yell at us or punish us while she's on the phone, right?   I hear my youngest crying in the other room, he just woke up from his nap.  No big deal, I go get him because I know as soon as I pick him up he'll stop crying.  Coming out the bedroom though, I realize I haven't seen the 3 yr old or the 2 yr old in a little while.  Hmm....So while continuing my phone conversation I make my way across the house.  I find both of them in front of the hall closet.  They have emptied it and the 2 yr old has found the markers that were hidden in there.  He used them to decorate his shirt and arms.  The three year old has unraveled 2 rolls of paper towels and unfolded all of the bath towels and thrown them in various areas of the playroom.  I promptly remove the markers from the 2 yr old's possession and put them up in a cabinet in the kitchen.  I'm still trying to listen to everything the nice woman on the phone is telling, and I head back to find something to occupy the two kids while I finish my conversation.  As I turn the corner I look into the bathroom and see the 3 year old peeing on the floor!  Seriously???  I pretty much just stand there and watch it happen because I have the baby in one hand, the phone propped between my shoulder and ear and a handful of paper towels in my other hand (picked those up on my way back).
I finally get off the phone and walk around the house to assess the damage.  
Some days I just want to crawl back in bed!
Later in the day I walk into the play room to find them playing nicely with their toys and books.  It almost makes me forget about what happened this morning...almost.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Well here goes nothing!

I decided to start a blog!  I know, you can't wait to see what kinds of "pearls of wisdom" I have to offer...the truth is - not many.  I'm starting this blog mainly to help myself  out - keep my thoughts straight and what not.  My life, like most people's, is pretty busy so I wanted to try and document some of the more interesting and important events.
I'm the mother of 3 amazing kids.  Most of my posts will probably have to do with them because, well lets be honest, most of my life has to do with them!  Avery is the oldest, she just turned three.  Then there is Nolan, who just turned 2 and baby Ebin, who is 4 months old.  All three of them definitely keep my life interesting, but I wouldn't want it any other way :)
I also just started a business from home...and that is proving to be an adventure of it's own!  I love to craft and I recently started making hair clips and hair bows for Avery...I sold a few to people who saw them and the rest just kind of took off from there!  My husband likes to call my bow making an addiction.  He is always threatening to do an intervention.  I just call it what if ribbon has taken over a large portion of our home and I always seem to have burn marks on my fingers from the hot glue gun?